What does CFS, CFL mean

The Close Friends stories (CFS) is an Instagram privacy feature that can help you control who sees and reacts to your stories. You can create a Close Friends list (CFL) on Instagram, so that only people on your list can interact with your stories and reels when you share them.

With these features, you are able to share your thoughts with mutual followers or Close Friends only. To help you better understand what the CFS and CFL features is about, let’s talk about how you can use them on Instagram.

How to use CFS, CFL on Instagram

  • When someone is added to your Close Friends list, they will see a green Close Friends label that shows that they are part of your list. They may also see a green ring around your profile photo.
  • If someone on your list likes, comments, shares, or reacts to your story, other people on your Close Friends list will be able to see their username, and how they interact with your story.
  • No one can request to be added to your Close Friends list. It is entirely up to you to choose who is able to see and interact with your stories.
  • When you add or remove someone from your list, they won’t be notified. And you can always update your list anytime.

Create a Close Friends list on Instagram

To add or remove people from your Close Friends list

  1. Tap your profile picture in the bottom right to go to your profile
  2. Tap the menu bar in the top right, then tap Close Friends
  3. Next, select the people you want to add to your Close Friends list by checking the circle next to their name. You can also tap Search to find a friend. You will also find a Suggested friends list where you can choose from.
  4. To remove someone from your list, also uncheck their name.
  5. After you’ve added people to your list, tap Done at the bottom to save your changes.

Share a Story with your Close Friends list

When you create a Close Friends list, you can choose to share your story with only the people on that list.

To share a Story

  1. Tap the plus(+) icon at the bottom or swipe right from your feed
  2. Tap Story at the bottom
  3. Tap the circle-like icon at the bottom of the screen to take a photo, or tap and hold to record a video. To choose a photo from your gallery, swipe up anywhere on your screen.
  4. Tap Close Friends at the bottom of your screen to share.

Share a Reel with your Close Friends list

How to share

  1. Tap the plus(+) icon at the bottom or swipe right from your feed
  2. Scroll to Reel at the bottom
  3. Tap and hold the record icon to start recording, and tap it again to end the clip. You can also tap your camera roll in the bottom left to add a video from your camera roll.
  4. To share, tap Audience, select Close Friends, then tap Done at the bottom.
  5. Next, tap Share in the top right of your screen.