Connect AirPods to iPhone

  1. You can connect your AirPods to your iPhone automatically via Bluetooth. If you’re pairing your AirPods with your iPhone, make sure you have Bluetooth turned on and they will connect automatically.
  2. Just bring them near your iPhone and open your Charging Case. If you’re connecting AirPods Max, take them out of the Smart Case.
  3. When the prompt appears, tap Connect.
  4. Depending on your AirPods model, you might need to follow additional prompts like setting up Hey Siri or spatial audio.
  5. Then, tap Done.

Your AirPods will be automatically set up with any of your other supported devices that are signed in to your Apple ID, and you can change your AirPods preferences in Settings at any time. Just open Settings and then tap your AirPods to view your available options.

Connect AirPods to Android

You can connect your AirPods to an Android device using Bluetooth.

  1. In your Android settings, tap Connected devices and then tap Pair new device.
  2. Bring your AirPods near your Android device and open your Charging Case.
  3. Press and hold the setup button on the back of your Charging Case (Airpods, Airpods Pro). If you have an AirPods Max, press and hold the noise control button, which is on top of the right headphone, until the status light flashes white.
  4. Your AirPods will appear in the list of Bluetooth devices. Tap your AirPods from the list and follow the prompts until you’re done.

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